14 Naga sex workers caught: Naga Students’ Union of Chennai

Discussion in 'India News' started by Kangleicha, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Kangleicha

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    Looks like, it is the people from the region who falls prey to such places/ professions. Why wouldn't they inquire about the source or the work place before they leave their homes? Or are they happy this way?

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  3. Oja Luwang

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    If the state's economy is in such shambles what do we expect to happen, really? On top of that the economic disparity among the people is going to make it worse..
  4. midnight crusader

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    @Kangleicha, we assume that only girls from our region are more into the profession but this is not true.... human trafficking remains a huge challenge.... its a well known fact from studies, researches, etc that certain conditions make certain region vulnerable to it.... got some interesting findings through my field visits, case studies, etc which we did or are doing about the profession....
  5. Kangleicha

    Kangleicha Well Known Member Staff Member

    Correct but looking at it happening once every month or twice is alarming. BTW, MC why don't you share the reports/ case studies here for better understanding?
  6. midnight crusader

    midnight crusader Moderator Staff Member

    It looks like its happening quite often and by girls from our region as we follow news of our region quite frequently....not every sex worker caught every day is a northeastern ( i prefer to call it sex work rather than prostitution as i consider it as a profession like any other).
    Some my studies done in college are stored in the college library for future reference for academic purposes and are not available online.....they are just the basics....yeah, some interesting observations especially in GB road Delhi:
    1. Clients prefer fairer skin
    2. Assume the Nepalis there to be from Northeast
    3. Brothels owned by the mangoloid race are more neat & clean hence quite a favourite among the clients
    4. Expect lots and lots of dynamic
    These days sex work is beyond brothel, its on the street, floating, etc and payment is being done in different ways giving rise to more complexities and challenges especially for us to fit into a National Programme.....there are a lot more into it...my visit to Sonagachi in Kolkata changed my perception about women in sex work.
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  7. Zomicoolmood

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    Here's another one....
    Korean national arrested for running prostitution racket
    Kanchipuram (TN), Jul 8 (PTI) : A Korean national has been arrested for running a prostitution racket here under the guise of a hotel-cum-bar, police said.
    Park Ju Dei, the Korean national, was arrested on Wednesday at Nemili near Sriperumbudur along with eight Indian women hailing from north-eastern states including Mizoram and Nagaland, police said.
    Seven high ranking Korean business executives were also rounded up when authorities stormed the hotel but were let off with a warning, police said.
    Sriperumpudur DSP Balasubramaniyam said Ju Dei had among his clientele many top ranking executives of various Korean firms.
    Ju Dei had been running the racket for at least two years and along with him, five persons who were drivers and office boys were also rounded up during the raid, police said.
    The building looked like a hotel-cum-bar at the ground floor, beyond which the public had never been allowed to proceed, police said, adding they had found a sophisticated mini-cinema hall in the building.
    Balasubramaniyam said the arrested women were sent to welfare homes in Chennai, pending enquiry.
    Ju Dei was booked under the Immoral Trafficking and Tamil Nadu Prohibition Act, he said.
    ~ deccanherald.com

    No manipuris though! Whew!..

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