Have "Justice for Loitam Richard" campaign lost its sheen?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Oja Luwang, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Oja Luwang

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    Ever since the Loitam Richard case came out i have been actively following the "Justice for Loitam Richard" campaign and participated whenever possible in their campaign. I love to participate in discussions with the members in the FB group... throw my opinions wherever and whenever possible.. it was worth it. There were people from all over the world not just INDIA, supporting the campaign.. getting outrageous at the way the case was handled by the authority. People were seeking one goal: proper investigation and befitting punishment (decided by the court) for the offenders.

    But things seems to have taken a turn after few people started trying to steer the case away or rather try to complicate the case by bringing RACISM into the picture. Whether the murder was a result of racism or not is not known to anyone (yet) and can be ascertained only when a proper investigation propelled by legal cases is conducted, and the last word on this should come from the judge presiding over the case.

    Now, It'd be good to understand why people are trying to bring Racism into the case. They claim the gruesome way of the murder could not have been a result of just-another-boys-fight. And the way the case was handled by the College authority and the police shows the racial overtone in the case. (personally i too believe Richard's physical features might have played some part in the authority underestimating the case). And the media especially Times of India publishing false information for 5-7 times (date of accident as 16th April'12 instead of 15th Apr'12) and DNA trying accused Richard to be a drug abuser, only fuels the fire.

    Yes there are so many failures on every front... and we can fix them all sooner or later but right now what we need to do is to first work towards bringing the offenders to book. We (as in all) need to convict the offenders first and then we can talk about what led them to commit the gruesome act, was it racism? Could be

    Broadly speaking, there are two types of interests in this case (from J4R supporters point of view)
    1. Loitam Richard's interest: Book the culprit and give the guilty (including all those who tried to stall the case) befitting punishment (court to decide)
    2. Our interest: That is to extend the case to racism so that there are some institutional corrections to check racism.. so that none has to go through the pain again. Which is good actually... but as far as J4R is concerned, the first priority is the first point given above (Loitam Richard's interests)... We can always start a "Justice for Us or Justice for me" campaign separately. or even continue with J4R.. provided the first objective is met otherwise we are in wrong direction
    I know i am being a little harsh in the above lines but witnessing the discussions going in J4R group in FB pains me to death and i can't help but throw it up here (where i felt MT members will feel the same :Dlet me know if you feel otherwise)... the whole campaign is sliding down the slope with full of immature members taking on each other.

    So please.. everyone... let's deliver justice to Loitam Richard first and then we can think about ours.......
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  3. Oja Luwang

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    Few things that i feel should be done:
    1. Legal cases should be initiated asap. This could be on the negligence shown by the college and police dept. Remember they failed miserably by reporting the case late and then destroying the evidences by moving the death body. Why didn' they call the police when they saw Richard's death body? .. etc etc etc.............When people are put up in the defendants' list they will toe the line coz they don't want to end up on the wrong side of the law for trying to protect the culprit. The warden, friends, witnesses should be called for information. (i have seen the police report filed by the warden and there are few sentences written by the warden which gives strong evidences against Syed Afjal.. but i will not go further as i have no idea how it might affect the legal proceedings)
    2. We should be asking why the forensic report was skewed towards secondary (probable) causes like heart disease (hereditary) when no concrete report was made on why Richard's face was swollen, his nose and ear was bleeding profusely.
    Obviously, there have been attempts at all level to marginalized this gruesome murder case as some death-by-accident...if this is how the system challenges us, then we should only think about using the same system to defeat itself. One way to do this is to drag everyone involved in courts so that the world knows no one messes with Loitam Richard the wrong way. People generally don't like to own up others' mistakes.. so dragging everyone involved in the chain to court will give them the impression that they are dealing with serious people.... they will surely wash their hands-off.
    Achumbana Yaiphaba oirasanu....!!
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    Gardener, thanks for bringing up Richard's case once again.. appreciate your views on it... i think it's human tendency to forget things easily/ let go & move on...
    how can we can take proactive participation for a speedy judiciary proceedings so that truth is revealed & the perpetrators are punished...
  5. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member


    eche.. i believe the parents are consulting (assumption) lawyers on how to move forward.. i have asked few of the committee members and have not got any response on that... may be they are being asked to remain silent .. or may be they don't know..

    What we can do is to keep the fire burning, stay focussed... and perhaps offer monetary help to fund the legal proceedings (in the future)
  6. yamamoto

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    99.99% of offenses against NE students/professionals/migrants in the mainland committed by the mayang rats have racism associated variables entangled with them. u know wat real justice will be? RACISM AGAINST THE MAYANGS. tit for tat. they should get what they deserve. isn't that a fair rule written by the wise lot? either we suffer like slaves or fight against them with honor. following standard legal/textbook procedures to get justice wont yield anything worthwhile in a stupid country like india.
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    Gardener, i still updates on my email but no where it's mentioned about monetary support... maybe you can initiate one & we on MT can help out in whatever way we can!!
  8. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    I appreciate ur support.. but eche, let the comittiee decide on this.. i am afraid anything we do can backfire anytime.. i am sure if required they will take it up. Moreover i really want to stop using MT for raising any kind of funds.

    But i appreciate ur eagerness.. again.
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  9. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    What ..tit for tat???? Racism against racism.. ? "Why not work our arse off to develop colleges, offices so that we dont have to be the victims"... this is what i understood from ur comments..if this is the "tit-for-tat" u r referring to then good for us.. otherwise no-good
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    Guys check it!!!

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