New Babina Diagnostic Centre... at Soibam Leikai

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  1. Oja Luwang

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    Imphal, June 21 2012: A new diagnostic centre Babina Diagnostics which is claimed to be of world class standard and the biggest in eastern India was inaugurated today at Soibam Leikai, Imphal East by Health and Family Welfare Minister Phungzathang Tonsing.

    Babina Diagnostics was set up by the Babina Health Care and Hospitality Industries.

    At first, Dr Dhaballi, proprietor of the Babina Diagnostics, set up Babina Clinical Laboratory in a corner of Rupmahal Tank with only four staff about 29 years back.

    Then Babina Diagnostic Centre was set up at RIMS Road.

    From health care service, Dr Dhaballi diversified his business to hospitality industry by setting up Classic Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in Manipur a few years back.

    The whole building inaugurated today is equipped with air conditioners.

    Instead of manual transportation of samples to different laboratories as was done earlier, samples are now collected and delivered to laboratories by pneumatic system.

  3. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    Way to go Dr.Dhabali
  4. Lairenjam Khaba

    Lairenjam Khaba Active Member

    Oh really? Dr.Dhabali or Dr.Palin. Way to Go????????????????????????????????

    In case you didn't know, they are the ones who messed the healthcare system in Manipur. They are the one who pioneered money-making-scheme for Manipuri doctors. They are the ones who started giving incentives to government doctors to work less in office.

    Should we all forget those? The means to achieve those big building structures is very questionable. Thanks to them, nowadays all doctors just cannot work in govt. hospital.
  5. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    A successful entrepreneur is someone who finds his way into the market (legally). They did what they had to, based on the market requirements.

    I agree they have not been very ethical.. but the onus should lie on the govt to check the misdeeds not them. As an entrepreneur, they found a way to milk the system.. the govt. is mostly responsible for the deterioration in health-care system.
  6. Lairenjam Khaba

    Lairenjam Khaba Active Member

  7. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    I understand if we put them all under the microscopic lens then there will be nothing to be appreciative about. I guess that's true for everyone, dead or alive, in this world.

    Personally, i don't like people like Dr.Palin mooting the idea of cease strike..(he should have stayed out of it) and there must be thousands of things which i will not like about him but the idea is to appreciate and encourage whatever good he's done so far. There can be none who comes faultless, even God.
  8. Asemcha

    Asemcha aka Druid Staff Member

    the discussion is very hot here! LK, ur points are valid but I like G's counter points.

    I feel more entrepreneurs are gud. these are the ways for us to be autonomuos.
  9. Jay Laishram

    Jay Laishram Active Member

    One thing to appreciate is they are creating jobs..but on the downside it does nothing for the poor who can't afford quality healthcare keeping in mind the sorry state of govt hospitals..
  10. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    Affordable healthcare is something decided by the market.. Let's not forget due to low-cost-hence-low-standard facility people from Manipur are running around corridors of hospitals outside the state.

    Moreover since heathcare requires specific expertise poor people will spend even more if they have to go outside the state. Having the tech and expertise in our state will lessen the burdens.

    ***The rise in the cost of healthcare can be checked by taking insurances. My mother was admitted for two days in Manipal hospital and it costed us Rs.27,800. Through insurance i could get back Rs.17K. Now i need to take another plan for my parents' coverage since y new one doesn't covers parents.***

    I undesratnd when LK said the healthcare system is messed up. I agree to some extent that Dr.Dhabali and Dr.Palin (and hordes of other new entrepreneurs) have contributed to that mess big time but pointing our fingers to them will not help. We have a proper channel to register our complaints. One good step is the new bill that's fiercely resisted by the like of Dr.Palin

    If this bill is passed the system can be moderated.
  11. Jay Laishram

    Jay Laishram Active Member

    The answer is then low cost quality healthcare for people in our state who fall under a specific low income bracket for example annual salary less than 1 lakh.For that to happen, the doctors who are paid well by the govt sud have their priorities set on the work they do in the govt hospitals which is serving the poor and needy.doctors are next to god remember...
  12. Sanatomba

    Sanatomba Big Brother (aka Dr. Nabakishor)

    Hey guys, where are your judgement or grey cells :D;)?

    This is not a state wide ransom....its a part of IMA Manipur chapter responding to the clarion call by the national body of IMA.akin to the BJP bandh against price rise. When we have a notional level strike, there has to be some merit, ain't it? How would you like to be controlled by bureaucrats who doesn't have an idea of your profession and not being part if your professions?

    READ more about this.....please argue in depth, cmon don't be emotive:(

    If you feel doctors or Dr Dhabali and Dr Palin are leechers and exploitative....I don't know whether you will have the same emotions for the contractors, engineers, bureaucrats, MLAs, Ministers and CM ibobi?!!!!!

    Look at the 1000s of patient treated against the few whom you felt been cheated. I have myself operated hundreds of gall bladder operations, breast cancers in Shija. No one had complained to me that we are charging more than guwahati or outside doctors. I have saved lives which could be possible because of infrastructure provided by your "evil and exploitative" private hospitals and labs.....who would have died if I were treating them in govt hospitals. My past clients includes IAS, ips, commisioners, and poor patients whom I treated with heavy discounts and even my own cousin whom I transferred from RIMS TO SAVE HIS LIFE....Please take cognizance of the fact the most critical patients are managed in private because of advance infrastructure which cost crores of how could the hospitals/labs bear the cost?

    Compared to other states our medical/surgical cost is 50% lower, ESP in intensive care. Per day cost of ICU runs into 20-50 its 5-10 thousands...using similar instruments like those of the expensive hospitals.

    Thousands of crores of money are corrupted away in RIMS, JNIMS, NRHM.....and you don't cry foul...cmon its not fair!! Thousands of crores for developing our state are usurped by contractors,MLAs and ministers and bureaucrats....and you don't cry foul with the same intensity....its not fair.

    Doctors have slog for 10-15 years to become successful. Compared to us engineers and MBAs earn their salary earlier while we were still training. And society ask us to be altruistic when we deserve to earn more commensurate with our services..cmon.

    People are willing to give > rs 500-1000 for plumbing, electric fitting, mobile repairing, vehicle servicing...... and bark at giving rs >300 for physician consultation or thousands when they will be spending lakhs outside.

    Politicians are looting in open....and they are left Scot free.....cmon let's be more fair.

    We charge like any other profession.....we have families, financial liabilities, children like anyone else. We earn through our services.

    Have you asked a chicken seller to sell his 150 rs kg chicken at rs 50 or even free to be altruistic as he is feeding others to live.?

    In this state 7 lakhs youths are unemployed. Private Healthcare provides employment opportunities.....but from where do you suppose their salaries are given from?

    People should not cry against the high cost of medical expense because medical services cost money.....they should cry foul against the govt who is not allowing subsidy of this services. Heck the govt have not allowed reimbursement for private treatment.....but you and I pay taxes!!!!

    We do have a funny characteristic of our patients....few of them are willing to fork out lacs for treatment outside the state...but are so poor here to spend a thousand inside the state....for the same outcome of treatment.

    I would like MTers to have a holistic view....merits of both sides of the arguments. I had enjoyed meaningful discussions......but abhor emotive ones....because there is whole gamut of emotive ones in our state.:) cheers.
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  13. Jay Laishram

    Jay Laishram Active Member

    @ Bruce that was an eye-opener

    " and poor patients whom I treated with heavy discounts"...way to go :thumbsup:
  14. Jay Laishram

    Jay Laishram Active Member

    I still feel that there are many doctors out there looking for jobs, if the doctors and nurses employed by govt also work in private hospitals,when will the unemployed doctors and nurses get their chance???
  15. Asemcha

    Asemcha aka Druid Staff Member

    But on the other hand, these private hospitals,I believe doesn't take bribe to recruit new doctors and nurses. So they are creating more job ooprtunities for them. 6 lakhs INR for Nurses and more than 10 lakhs INR for Doctors.
  16. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    Healthcare is one of the emergency service which needs to be operated at all cost even at times of war. Moreover we Manipuri tends to be more supportive of all sort of strikes and bandhs. (let's see how far the Manipur chapter goes)

    we have seen how the system has evolved and looking at the way it is functioning there is a dire need for a control measures to put some checks and balances in the system.

    One example is the govt. employed doctors running private clinics. There needs a strict mechanism to control this.

    Fallacy. Just because others are doing it doesn't mean you can do it too..esp if it is illegal

    I agree with most of your points regarding the cost structure of treatments. I hope the new bill will not have too much affect on that esp since we all know Manipur is better in terms of the costs compared to outside the state.

    But bruce we should also ask ourselves why can't we do away with govt. employed doctors in private clinics. Gone are the days when doctors were too scarce and an upper-hand in the market. You know it is illegal to run private clinics so keeping in view the blatant disregard of the medical ethics why should not the govt. put some checks and balances in the system? These days every doctors run their private clinics without too much accountability.

    The motive is not to scare or tie the hands of the medical fraternity but to put checks and balances.
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  17. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    And one more thing. Those crores of rupees swindled from RIMS, JNIMS are done with collusion with the administrations of the hospitals (and doctors too). So it is an inside job. Ever asked ourselves why do hospital authorities asked us to go get the diagnostics done in private clinics, always?

    or why are we asked to do from a particular clinic?

    Being a practitioner yourself you might want to agree to this but from a management's (or a economist's ) perspectives, the incentive mechanism that exist in the market clearly affects the ethical standard of the medical fraternity.

    "Why is it so easy for the govt. hospital authority to ask patients to take up tests from private clinics?"..... a thought worth pondering upon. Where is the accountability here. Who all are part of the procurement team? Don't the doctors themselves put stamp of approval to the products they are buying?
  18. Sana Matum

    Sana Matum Active Member

    I donno much about all those politics behind the establishment of private hospitals, clinics etc.. But I am sure that poor people in Manipur are stuggling a lot when they fall sick.. In fact, quite few people might have lost their life too... Not all the doctors, but most of the doctors in Manipur don't pay attentions if the patient is from a poor & sanga-leijadaba family whether it is Govt or private hospital... Not sure if they were not taught about medical ethics... I have experienced the difference of a hospital in Manipur and Bangalore, both private.. Staffs including nurses in Manipur consider their jobs just for the salary. And doctors are the most sak -kengba I have ever seen.... One Doctor in Bangalore with whom I consulted about my mom's arthritis has looked up patiently every slip of papers my parents brought for history of treatment by Manipur Doctors & down town hospital, Guwahati in past 5-6 years. He did not miss even a single slip of ( must be around ) 100 pages.. He took an hour to study the history and understand the history of the treatment & symptom of the ailment.. The doctor was not known to me earlier. We do not look as a big shot people. Still doctor's patience was just because he wanted to cure the disease of the patient in front of him.. My mom's joint paint who could not stand up self recovered within a month. We were not admitted to the hospital. Just few tests and right medicines as out patients, only 3 visits. I was impressed!!!
    Not only did he provide the right medication but also he search in his directory and given contacts of Rheumatologists in NE, 2 in Guwahati, 1 in Meghalaya & 1 in Agartala. Unfortunately, no Dr from Manipur is a rheumatologist so far as per his knowledge..
    How helpful he was!!!! I haven't come across any Dr like him in Manipur.. When went to see a Dr. in Manipur for kidney stone for my relative, I asked just curiously why kidney stone is quite common in Manipuris, he bluntly answered it's due to eating of small fishes, dry fishes which I don't think is the reason, nokem haigemnaraga khumakhiba paokhumni... They see only the fees...

    Message to younger generations of Doctors who study in India, China, Nepal, Ukraine etc: "Shakti yamna kengnagumsi, Dr. oiradi mayamdagi helle kaina khanbado khara thadoklaga, anaba phajana layengbiyu. Lairaba kana leijadaba, enak khunba, mawong taba, tadaba pumnamak chap manana treat toubiyu. Lupa crore -crore mireibakta layengbada chatkhidou saruk Manipur da layeng khudimak yengba ngamnaba hotnabiyu, peisadi matomda matung adum enjaraklani."
  19. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    well let's not get into personal experiences but look at the broader picture at organizational level.
  20. midnight crusader

    midnight crusader Moderator Staff Member

    Sana Matum... rightly pointed out... am always amazed at how doctors behave in our state.... sometimes they blame it on the patient load but are doctors at AIIMS (no point comparing the load between them!!!) God sent, taking into consideration the behaviour??? With already emotionally and financially burdened with the health problem, the patients, especially from rural areas of the state are treated, do face a lot of challenges... our doctors need to be a bit humane.. though sometimes i personally have seen some really understanding ones too!!! I hope they carry out their Hippoctatic oath to the T!!!
  21. Self Deleted User

    Self Deleted User New Member

    Its amazing to know there are people who are ready to criticize the few successful entrepreneurs we have in our state. Lets not forget, it took them "30 years" to be what they are right now.

    I wouldn't like to counter much as people who hasn't step in the world of entrepreneurship wouldn't understanding or try his/her best not to understand.

    All I can say is whatever they are doing for the people, they should keep continuing and simplify more problems face by the common people which in turn will help the socio-economy drastically :)

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