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  1. Oja Luwang

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    Then was he (Garib Niwas) killed by his son?
  2. Self Deleted User

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    first of all, except for few of us' yamamoto, sapper, me to an extent, i don't think anyone @MT is into' india bashing.. au contraire' i find most MTians to be quite neutral and few' totally pro-india.. and i would'nt call it' india bashing or hating it', but' standing up to a bully, or letting the covert cat of oppression/intimidation out of the bag.
    going back to the topic of religion and customs, i feel that we've been enslaved in the mind with this unreal identity for far too long.. which many of us think is not relevant in the context of the time' we're living in, but i can say with certainty that knowingly or sub-consciously' we're all victim to it. our originality is at stake here, the crux of our existence is at risk' to extinction. our present misery is the 'inherited with rated-interest' of the blatant sell-out of our core integrity by our preceding generations, which has led us to this plight of corrupted ethics and moral bankruptcy.. and that is the reason why i've no respect for our past 7 wanna-be generations.
    our core, our civilisation, was almost obliterated by means of systematic atrocity at the hands of our own, instigated by the advent of the alien religion. this is reason plentiful to hate or bash the system that has brought this upon us. and compared to the brutality through which this fate/faith was shoved into us, this act of resistance momentum we're gaining, is as meek as a lamb..
    but all that is just the religious and indigenous identity' aspect of our doom..
    political and social ramification anyone ??
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  3. Ibochouba Khuman

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    Yes, Pamheiba was also killed by his son Sanahal along with Santidas.

    Santidas pu mahak ki khujaimakna thomduna haatkhiba maphamdubuni Khujairok haiduna ngasi ngasimaksu Moreh youramdaida leiribase. Curse aduna oiramba-oiramdaba tongankhrabasu Pamheiba asi machana haatkhi. again, the interesting part is ... Sanahal asisu Pamheiba gi eedi natkhide.

    Pamheibana saa onlaktuna mawa-wapuroiba leirabi Irom Leikai gi Irom Chaoba gi nupi Thambal @Gomti bu phaaduna Leima oihannaba purakpada yaoraklaba Irom machani.

    Tasengnamak Leima Thambal mabudhi marousing leibi meetei chanu amani, mahak ki marousingtana lamchat naidaba, mapuroibabu hatkhiba, leibak ki lan-thum mang-takhankhiba, ee sengdaba hourakpham khangdaba meeoi asiga loinana Santidas mahanta busu Khujailok na Beitarani turel oina laanbikhiye.
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  4. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    what does this line mean?
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  5. Jupiter Th

    Jupiter Th Active Member

    Ibochouba thanks bro......doubt amadi leiri....Pamheiba(Garibaniwaz) si 1536 ta poklaga 1751 da kamai sirino... he lives for more than 200 years... natraga eina mathakta eribasi artha lousanba ngamdabeira,,,?:confused:
  6. Ibochouba Khuman

    Ibochouba Khuman Active Member Valued Members

    Mathakta Ulen Ngamba gi post (first) adu eihak pajadri. 1709 AD da chahi 20 muk suba Pamheiba ni. Typing mistake yaoramgadaba malli natraga karino 'gap' ama oiramba yai. mobile se kaya nungaite ngasidi.
  7. Ibochouba Khuman

    Ibochouba Khuman Active Member Valued Members

    Khujailok haibaga Khujairok ka amatani. Aduga karino bhai Beitarani haibasi tasengna khangdabrane? OK, hindu philosophy gi matung inna mee amana siraga thawai aduna laanthokpa philosophical oiba turel amani.
  8. Ibochouba Khuman

    Ibochouba Khuman Active Member Valued Members

    Gardener nang nakoktuda leechei marusina haitharaktanane Beitarani turel torban youniko!!

    Beitarani gi meaning se fajana adum khanglani haina khalli mathak ki example asidagi hah kei' haige?!
  9. Jupiter Th

    Jupiter Th Active Member

    thagatnigaini Gardener.. meitei /meetei asenba oirame...:D
  10. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    waaroubiba yaade... Emma Epa na lairik pao pao haiba bada thun-thangat tuna chenduna laakpa chamjaraba mee-oi amani.. aduna khang-houdare.

    Masi eina laana paabagira.. spelling sinara gyaan amatta taadre...
  11. Ibochouba Khuman

    Ibochouba Khuman Active Member Valued Members

    Dasha ni he!!

    Masi pumnamak English mayek na meeteilon inaba hotnabada touriba jhamela haiduni.

    ... hui khongduna chatlingei hui amana chikkhiba khang-houde.
    ... phou phou hairaga phoudradi keidoure.

    Lairik pao hairaga thun thangatlaga chenduna kayam saangna chenliba ... mamang gi pukhri adugi mapaanda nungthil chuppa irujabaduda yaobara natraga chak chabagi pukham langkhatlaga nung na thombadu heibra, or natraga numidang wairam makhoi khumbong keithel aduda thoklaga dendrite/yoo thakpabu yaobra ..... haiyu haiyu taathoksi.
  12. Jupiter Th

    Jupiter Th Active Member

    Sengdokchaba..Ngarangse khra wangure ..Haibadi nungairure aduini spellingga amta gyan men tahoudre..... MTian singse khadangdi adum yai kaboklei enaocha gumba yam yaori leipung fajana famakpa mali..
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  13. sonfather

    sonfather Active Member

    I think, What's done is done. The next step (acc. to me) should be , what should be done to come back to our own selves where are meitei gods are revered and worshipped more pompously than the hindu ones. Is that going to come after Hindu bashing (just because of the way Hinduism was shoved at us) or development of our own and making our people realize the beauty?
    I think there is no question of resistance as no one is shoving Hinduism at our throats now. We ourselves are the one to blame.
    PS: Steppenwolf Plz plz plz don't go all bombastic on me ;)
  14. Jay Laishram

    Jay Laishram Active Member

    We have to really clean our own backyard first, then we can focus on other things,as sonfather said there is not much point pondering over what might have been as dwelling on our past keeps us stuck and prevents us from embracing our profound significance
  15. Ulen Ngamba

    Ulen Ngamba Active Member

    1536 hairisi soikhibani mayam ngakpigani 1690 haigadabani ...thagatchari -- Pamheiba Pokhibagi matam asibuni
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  16. Langmeiton

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    Meitei puyas certainly hold some limpid-cryptic codes... Iputhou Khonangthaba-gi.. matangda kharaga share taubirak-u.. Thanks!!
  17. Self Deleted User

    Self Deleted User New Member

    i think you've missed my point, where i've blamed the 7 preceding generations more than anything else.. and was stating that' what you call 'bashing' is actually 'resistance'.. other than that, i agree with you.. well' most of it..
    ps: i know' your mind is in the right place and communicating with you is a pleasure.. hence, i don't need to go all ballistic with'cha..
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  18. Self Deleted User

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    still' he lived for 154yrs.. probably, the slightly over the average life span of that time, i guess..
    i need to check the average life span of people in other parts of the world around that period..
    ****or will someone pls do it.. i don't get too much net access these days..
  19. Maimu

    Maimu Keep Walking !!!

    61 years tarey adudi .. (1751 - 1690 = 61 years)... 154 di henmandaro
  20. Self Deleted User

    Self Deleted User New Member

    seranna pa leirammey hai' ibobi..

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