Revival of Meitei names: should we be a part of it?

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  1. sonfather

    sonfather Active Member

    Manipuri names begin to evolve to english or monosyllabic names when you are outside of Manipur and the people who called you by the shortened named seldom remembers your real name.
    Sanayaima turns to San (pronounced like sand...without stress on D) and any girl names starting with Sana (sanahanbi, sanatombi etc) remains just Sana, which the people outside Manipur can pronounce well. Tomba becomes Tom.
    Other names like nongthongamba, nongshaba nongamba are all Nongs. I know we do this shortening thing with indian names too...but we know their full names as well.

    So for me, i would choose an english name for my kid as when he goes to school outside Manipur, i don't want him to be made fun of by his peers. Kids can be really vicious and mean. Its better to say NO when asked if you are a christian. And i think that does not make me less of a Manipuri.
    You can take me out of Manipur but you can't take Manipur out of me !!!
  2. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    Like Kisn mentioned, we should not discount our Meitei names just because people find it difficult to pronounce it. Like i said earlier we will have a nick name anyway. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tamils, Punjabis etc too have their own names. and they use their nick names even officially They proudly carry their indigenous tags. Remember "Singh is King" and so on.

    I had a Manipuri friend who sports a "SINGH" in his name. As expected, people from North Region doesn't approve the title infact scorned and raised their eyebrows (not to mention the backbiting about mix-genes) whenever his name was called out. I don't know about you but i will never let this happen to my children. Why not take some precaution when i still have time and make a proper judgement.

    If it was about easiness to pronounce non-Manipuri names then why the heck would a father name his son "Heigrujam Madhumangol Singh"? ;)
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  3. Rosun

    Rosun Active Member Valued Members

    This will be a part of what will be henceforth (in the immediate future) called as 'brand' Manipur! Shakespeare would say what is in a name but perspectively, it's your own unique identity. I myself have a very hindu name, borrowed that is, yet I would love to vouch for our own culture centric names. Makes a much stronger brand statement. Thank-you!
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  4. Rosun

    Rosun Active Member Valued Members

    I fail to see thru your opinion. For that matter those 'mean kids' can still make fun telling you have borrowed/christian names. Right? Why don't you send your kids (assuming you are still outside Manipur) to a school where they are taught the importance of respecting other people and their cultures? When you yourself are sceptical of using your own culture centric names, how can you expect India or the rest of the world to get it?
  5. Rosun

    Rosun Active Member Valued Members

    It's your birth right to be called whatever you want. Democratic India gives you a free will to change the name your parents have given you at any point of time. Yet, everyone is to be respected for whatever name he is being reffered as. There is no question of superior/inferior names!
    As others have already mentioned, other peoples around the world boast of their names which are close to their roots. This being the only point of concern!
  6. sonfather

    sonfather Active Member

    i knew i would get the cane for my earlier post as i myself know my opinion is wrong. I know naming your kids a meitei name if you are a meitei is the right thing to do. But i am just being honest and telling the truth.
    I just don't want to be one of the hypocrite who goes out all guns about the pros of a meitei name, (which most people know) but in the end when their time comes don't practice what they preached. Sometimes people don't do things even when they know it is right.
    I hope rosun, your child is going to don a proud metei name.
  7. Rosun

    Rosun Active Member Valued Members

    Let me have one first! lol:p I appreciate the honesty but I don't know how an educated and sensible person as yourself won't be able to let your kids know that it's ok to have different names as they are but our culture. If other kids are stupid, it's their parents' problem. They ought to be canned not you!
  8. manipur

    manipur Active Member

    Yes its our birth right whatever the names we called but the only things is we have to give due respect to everyone.
    But i would like to mention one thing it may be some what deviated from the point but it is extremely necessary to discuss about this. Lets have a look about the dress what our beloved sisters wearing outside of the state. It may be none of my business but its really gave an indirect effect to the state. I am not telling that all the girls are doing like this but upto my experience i have seen so many manipuri girls which came out wearing those small small dress that's also in the public place. I want to ask to them what they think of themselves ? Are they celebrity? They can wear the clothes which they feel comfort but the dress they wear is really ......................Crap1
  9. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    That means you are not convinced. As far as naming are concerned you as a parent have every control over the name of your child and your child have every right to change them later if they want.

    No deviation from topic please. You can always start a new thread if you want.
    Keeping a Meitei name doesn't rub anyone on the wrong side. May be some of us were ledto believe just that.
  10. Rosun

    Rosun Active Member Valued Members

    That's a different debate in itself!
  11. Pankheileppa Mayengba

    Pankheileppa Mayengba MT Addict Valued Members

    Many of the Cultures in world wear a varied type of name which are rather too difficult to pronounce...But they still carry on naming their own way, regardless of what others might think...As for example, I find the African names and some pure Chinese(Not Hong Kong) names a bit difficult, Like Mbeko, Ntini, and Qing Xiang...Still they keep their name... And actually Manipuri names are very easy comparing to those names... Yet we somehow fail to recognize the value of Meitei Name. I have already said in my previous comment that I'd love to change my name provided the process are easy and that someone has named me, I must show the respect by keeping it...
    When I say my name to my peers, they are like What??? How??...As it is a very typical Mayang name and I guess I am the only Meitei with that Typical mayang name...
    I have a friend who has a mayang name, but he let his friends call him Mangang...Even the teachers calls him that..:)
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  12. sonfather

    sonfather Active Member

    I am convinced. Just being selfish and confident at the fact that there are also a lot of people like you Mr Gardner who will carry on with the meitei name and save it from extinction.
    Yes i will gladly change my children's name if they are unhappy with it (before 18). After that they can do anything they want. (Don't know why i'm speaking in plural)
  13. Kangleicha

    Kangleicha Well Known Member Staff Member

    So, our PM is looking for a Godfather kind eh! To change the name into a Meitei/ Manipuri name. Well, my suggestion is, call it 'Punsijao'[Big Life' - in English, in case if anyone cares to ask the meaning of your name]
  14. Kangleicha

    Kangleicha Well Known Member Staff Member

    If you look at it, it could certainly be the vice-versa[when it comes to naming convention]. In today's time, we could find a lot of names which are totally Manipuri unlike many older generations which had imported names{just like mine}...

    Family Planning huh!;) Nice...
  15. Robert Chai

    Robert Chai Active Member

    Just some things to note. There's nothing wrong with a Meitei having a Meitei name. It's the natural thing and surely needs no justification. A Chinese doesn't needs justifying a Chinese name nor a Spanish needs explaining why he chooses a Spanish name. If you want to have one, don't go letting anyone stop you. On the other hand, if you'd rather be called Johnny, Rahul or add Singh to your name, that's cool too. It's a name. Not a paragraph describing who you are.

    As a Meitei, will you be engulfed in an identity crisis if you're called Vijay? Nah... If you need to rely on a name to know who you are then you've got much bigger problems than a poor name choice.

    Will having a Meitei name spark an interest in your indigenous culture? If talking to you in person won't do it, your name won't make a hoot of a difference. (It will mean you won't be mistaken for a Chinese, Korean, Burmese I guess...)

    For what its worth, I don't think having a Meitei name will foster a greater awareness of Meitei culture and identity. There are more dynamic variables that affect this. It's how you're brought up and not what you're named at birth.

    I do agree though that having a name that's easy to pronounce (whether Meitei or otherwise) has better benefits.

    Hearing your name repeatedly mangled can do things to you, and I'm sure there's more than one kid who's psychologically scarred from people never getting his/her name right - poor kid keeps thinking "What is wrong with my name? What is wrong with me?"

    Having to constantly correct people's pronunciation gets tiring too, and often either they give up or worse, you give up! Or you compromise by telling them to call you ................... <-- insert initials, nick name, shortened name etc, which surely defeats the purpose of having a Meitei name to begin with.

    Finally, having a name that's hard to pronounce usually results in people having a hard time remembering you.
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  16. Self Deleted User

    Self Deleted User New Member

    you are not alone, I know of few couple:p
  17. Pankheileppa Mayengba

    Pankheileppa Mayengba MT Addict Valued Members

    Actually I meant to say my present Mayang name....hehe...
    This Pankheileppa was suggested by my Uncle's friend, who happens to be an close friend/associate of Kangjia. He said, my name should have been( not should be) like this and not the mayaang name...:D
  18. Pankheileppa Mayengba

    Pankheileppa Mayengba MT Addict Valued Members

    BTW, we can also somewhat get the idea of a person's Nationality/ Group by their name....e.g. Kim Jung Il, Sung woo Park, etc are Korean names...
    Xiang Hu, Lu ping Lao, Mao Tse Tung, lol, are Chinese names.... Vladimir, Vlad, Raznov,etc are usually Russian Names...
    Kamato, Sukiyama, Nara Shikamaru,(lol) are usually Japanese name( surprisingly the Names of the Sema Tribes of Nagaland resembles Japanese Names!!!!)... And among indian too, we can know they are South or North, even in the same name, as in Satheesh for South and Satish for North, Kavitha and Kavita, etc....

    Therefore, our name indicates where we are from...
    P.S. it is just a superficial observation.:)
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  19. Oja Luwang

    Oja Luwang Devil's Advocate Staff Member

    Yes. We will face an identity crisis if i was named Vijay and walk around the streets of mainland India. Just like lokks give you the first impression the name also does add to building one's impression. (which can be overlooked with our actions of course but it does add some weight)
    Very true. Name is not all of it but it does play a part.

    Yes. It will. The fact that a large population among the youths is suddenly showing so much interests in our roots says it all. Sporting a Meitei or any Manipuri name is one part of it.
    I say that's a wrong way of looking at the issue. The issue is not about hitting gold pot by changing our names but about building a conscience to stay in-touch with our roots and perhaps try to get people into our fold to follow our culture. It is about showing what we have instead of just accepting whatever that's been thrown at us for the last few centuries.

    Why don't we start asking ourselves "Why a borrowed name? instead of Why Manipuri names?". I must tell you i have been given the most stupid yet spine-chilling answer to this question. One of them being " Meitei ming kouradi ARMY na hekta phabani Naharol oiramgani haidana. Police nasu hekta check touganbani". You know what this is true. The security establishment in Manipur also plays a part in spoiling our identity.

    Yes it could be true but the point is to be a Manipuri not a Chinese or Korean or Burmese. We don't want to be them. We just want to be me. BTW having a name like Bihari or Vinod with a chinky look will make us even more confusing, right? :p

    Well in all revolutions that mankind has ever known, the contribution of the last man standing at the farmost-behind is considered insignificant and stupid but it does add to the wave. Every drop of rain doesn't realize they are building up an ocean.

    It is a false notion that people have about Meitei names. Tomba, Chaoba is a meitei name and is not difficult to pronounce so is Naoba, Abung, Tondon. Execpt for few that starts with Ng or Khetri.. it is not difficult as few seem to think it is. Again ever culture has some of their own difficult-to-pronounce names.

    Again Tomba is not difficult to pronounce. If it was about difficulty we can always call "Tomba" :p
  20. sonfather

    sonfather Active Member

    You are right gardner....but those names like tomba, chaoba, naoba, abung are names that we all still nicknames. Meiteis seldom have names like that in their certificate. Don't know why??
    A Mangoljao maybe called abung at home. A Sakhitombi might be called Tombi at home.
    Btw....reallly....why don't we start putting those simple names in our certificate? (Or am i going to get some more verbal slaps for suggesting that??)

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