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    Want to teach? Take Teacher Eligibility Test
    13 February 2011

    New Delhi, FEB 12 (AGENCIES): Having a BEd degree will no longer be enough to become a school teacher. Aspirants will now have to clear an eligibility test with at least 60% to be able to teach at any private or government school.

    The Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) will be conducted once a year, separately by the state governments and the Centre.

    If a state decides not to conduct the test, schools in that state or union territory will take into account the test conducted by the central government. Validity of the qualifying certificate will be decided by the state government, union territory or Centre, subject to the condition that it cannot be more than seven years. There is no bar on the number of attempts by an aspiring teacher for obtaining a TET certificate. Moreover, an aspirant can appear a second time to improve the score.

    The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) will maintain the database, and be the repository of experts and resources that will be shared with state governments and UTs.

    Considering the massive recruitment of teachers that states will undertake to fulfill the requirement under the Right to Education Act, NCTE on Friday issued detailed guidelines for TET. In the next few weeks, many states are going to start the recruitment process.

    TET will have two papers with multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Paper I will be for those intending to become teachers for classes I-V. Paper II will be for those aspiring to teach between classes VI and VIII. Those interested in teaching from Class I to VIII will have to appear for both papers.

    For Paper I of the test, candidates will be tested on five subjects — child development and pedagogy, language I (medium of instruction) and language II (chosen from a list other than language I), mathematics and environmental studies. Each section will have 30 questions of one mark each.

    Questions on child development and pedagogy will focus on educational psychology of teaching.

    Emphasis will be laid on understanding the characteristics and needs of diverse learners. Questions on language I and II will focus on proficiency, elements of language, communication and comprehension abilities. MCQs on mathematics and environmental studies will focus on concepts and problem solving abilities.

    Paper II will have three compulsory sections on child development and pedagogy, language I and II. For mathematics and science teachers, there will be 60 MCQs of one mark each. For social studies teachers, there will be 60 MCQs of one mark each.
    ~ Agencies
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    This is good! This will set some standards:)
    But I do hope that, it be made compulsory to schools both public and private:)
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    One of the great work done by the government. Atleast they will be able to recognize who are brilliant and provide good education to the student.

    cbse results
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    BoSEM to conduct Teacher Eligibility Test in August

    IMPHAL, July 13: As per the instruction of the state government, the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur has announced that it will conduct the Manipur State Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) in August.
    The state government has mooted the idea of conducting the test with the aim of upgrading the education system to improve the quality of education in the state.
    An official statement of BOSEM released by its secretary L. Rajmohan Singh informed that the syllabus for the examinations has been developed by the SCERT and is available n the official website of the boardwww.bsem.nic.in.
    The scheme of examination has been separated into two categories Paper-I and Paper-II for candidates who wish to sit in the examinations for primary ( classes I-V) and upper primary teachers (classes VI-VIII) respectively. Both papers will carry a aggregated total of 150 marks
    The syllabus for Paper-I included Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I (English), Language II (MIL-one from amongst the language recognized by the board), Mathematics and Environmental Studies and.
    However, in paper II the syllabus is further categorized wherein Child Development and Pedagogy, Language-I, Language-II are made compulsory with all carrying 30 mark each and in addition to that the remaining 60 marks is given as an options for Mathematics and Science teachers, and social science teachers.
    The pass mark is 60 percent for the general category and 50 percent for OBC, ST, SC and physically challenged candidates, it said.
    It is worth noting that the government has recently announced that a teacher who fails to clear TET will not be viable to apply for posts of teachers in any government institutes. Teachers who clear the test will be awarded with an eligible certificate having validity of seven years. The validity has to be renewed by clearing similar test after the expiration of seven years.

    Courtesy: IFP
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    I hope the Government also take as rigorous a test as they are taking for teacher for Post to other higher official as well!!!!
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    Back at Manipur, corruptions will be prevalent!;)
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    What about those who are already a teacher in Govt. Schools? Will they be asked to give the test? If so then what if they fail?
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    @Admin dont about the old one but what i came to know is that the new teacher have to give the CTET exam evry 7 years even after they got a permanent job
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    That is nice information you have there. I think people will also be interested in knowing whether this CTET exam every 7 years are of qualifying nature or a refresher kind, if you have the information:)
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    @kisn not very sure but judging from the nature of question they have ask this time it seems they were testing the candidate more about the teaching methodology and teaching aides.
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    If the old and existing ones are spared from this plan then i don't think there will be much of a difference plus there might be lots of clashes.

    Anyway it's a good move. Atleast students/people will see the difference and hopefully will raise the bar for the existing ones too
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    If this every 7 years test policy starts then I am sure the older teachers will end up with strikes and agitations... I don't think 90% of them will make it even if they get through this time! They hardly work(no offense meant however I find them like that!)
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    @Kangleicha true but once a policy is made the teacher will find it hard to it roll back
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    The test as such you have mention "methodology and aides" are good for "its how much info/knowledge a teacher can transfer or pass on efficiently to the student" that makes a good efficient teacher, but "not how much info/knowledge a teacher store in his Grey cell "
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    @kisn as i said they were more into methodology and aides....this does not necessary means that other portion i.e knowledge part is skip
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    Okay! I thought the knowledge part goes without saying (So you mean we have to explicitly mention:( like "I thank you " instead of "thank you":p) I have no doubt that they have the information stuffed in their Grey cell (for God's sake it is upto VIII th standard), the downside of the existing teaching module seems to be more of the methodology and the stream lining of the flow of info(knowledge)

    Yeah it should.
    Moreover, I feel this shouldn't be a problem to the existing teachers. So the knowledge of the kind of test is very important, whether it is of qualifying nature, competitive nature (if yes, for whom and whom so) or simply a refresher should do for the oldies.

    More importantly, I would really appreciate the Govt. if they make this mandatory for teachers, both state and private:)
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    Teachers’ Eligibility Test

    IMPHAL, July 23: The State Teachers’ Eligibility Test will be conducted by Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BOSEM) on August 28 (Sunday) from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.

    A notification from the BOSEM secretary informed that application forms will be issued from July 26 to August 3 at the offices of Zonal Education Officers of Churachandpur, Tamenglong, Senapati, Ukhrul, Chandel, Bishnupur, Thoubal, Imphal East, Imphal West, Kangpokpi and Jiribam.

    The last date for submission of completed application forms is August 8 and admit cards will be issued from August 17 onwards at Imphal.

    The examination fee is Rs. 300 per paper for general and Rs. 250 per paper for OBC, ST, SC and physically challenged candidates.

    The eligibility criteria for this test are senior secondary or equivalent with at least 50 percent marks for classes I to V and graduation with at least 50 percent marks for classes VI to VIII.

    The candidates should bring one recent passport size photograph and one photo copy of mark-sheet during collection and submission of the application forms.
    Source: IFP
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    Hope the Teachers won't fail! LOL;)
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